Testimonial – grosplan

Testimonial - grosplan

Mathieu Philippe Bourgeois has been contributing to the development of our company for over 15 years. He drove and accompanied our technology transitions and more recently with Air Code Design, the transition from mobile to “responsive web.” He knows our company thoroughly – as well as our market, needs, team resources and business philosophy -. More than just a service provider, he works and involves himself as a partner in all ordered projects (development and optimization of our website, development of internal management modules …). We appreciate his attentiveness, analytical skills, expertise, responsiveness and execution. Always available, his technical support is impeccable – prompt replies regarding any adjustment inquiries and solutions provided in moments, at the latest within 24 hours, online or by phone -. Production costs and delivery times, always respected, are carefully and precisely evaluated before the agreement. Over the years we have developed with Mathieu Philippe Bourgeois and Air Code Design a valuable working relationship based on trust and mutual respect.