Museum of Jewish Montreal


The Museum of Jewish Montreal (MJM) is a not-for-profit organization that collects, maps, and shares the history and experiences of the Montreal Jewish community online and through walking tours, exhibits, and other public programming. MJM seeks to ensure the legacy of Jewish life in Montreal by educating the public and giving our visitors new ways to interact with the city’s Jewish past and present.

Founded in 2010, our Museum’s activities include walking tours of historic Jewish neighbourhoods, online exhibits, oral history collection, lectures, workshops and pop-up exhibitions.

Development (What we contributed)

We’ve been working on multiple projects with the Museum of Jewish Montreal (MJM) some of the work we’ve done includes:

  • Website re-design into a responsive website
  • Virtual tours
  • Google Maps development and design enhancements
  • Oral History plugin
  • User profile creation and login
  • Events and Ticket buyflow with CMS integration
  • Web Hosting
  • Technical consultation

We’ve also helped the museum with their new website