Arctic Eider Society


The Arctic Eider Society / Société Des Eiders de l’Arctique (SEA~AES; pronounced ‘sea ice’) is a registered Canadian charity working with Inuit and Cree in East Hudson Bay to address environmental change and the cumulative impacts of development projects on sea ice ecosystems.

Development (What we contributed)

The first project we did for the Arctic Eider Society was to create their custom website.

The requirements to produce this website were:

  • Creation of a responsive website
  • Website design
  • A photo gallery
  • Dynamic Google maps integration with a dynamic left side column
  • Custom CMS/CRM backend
  • Custom user login with social media account creation
  • Social media integration
  • Volunteer registration component

Following the creation of their website, we have worked on numerous occasions with the Arctic Eider Society, adding multiple sections, elements and functionalities. As well as ongoing site maintenance. Some of the work we did includes:

  • Creation of a product buyflow
  • Creation of a donation buyflow
  • Custom design for the Google map markers, info boxes and custom click events
  • Virtual tours
  • Research tools integration linked to Google Maps
  • Animal profiles integration linked to Google Maps
  • Ice type profiles integration linked to Google Maps