GST / HST Quick Method Calculator

As a small business, we only need to make file our GST once a year, I had trouble finding a decent GST/HST calculator. I always like to read the information on the CRA website first and then find a calculator to see if I understood how file pretty well.

The quick method is another accounting option available to help small businesses calculate their net tax for GST/HST purposes. This method reduces paperwork and makes it easier to calculate GST/HST remittances and file GST/HST returns because it eliminates the need to report the actual GST/HST paid or payable on most purchases.

When you use the quick method, you still charge the GST at the rate of 5% or the HST at the applicable rate on your taxable supplies of property and services.

Please note: This calculator is currently under construction. We have made an effort to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, we cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from its use. This calculator is for estimation purposes only, and uses data entered by the user that are assumed to be correct. Actual results may differ. This calculator is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.

[ GST ]
First 30 000 $ taxed at {{tax_30}}
Rest taxed at {{tax_rest}}
[ QST ]
First {{result.gst_income_bracket | currency(false)}} taxed at {{tax2_30}}
Rest taxed at {{tax2_rest}}
Retailers and wholesalers that purchase goods intended for sale
GST: {{result.tax1 | currency}}
QST: {{result.tax2 | currency}}

Total tax: {{result.total_tax | currency}}