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About us

The AirCodeDesign partnership began in Montréal 2009, born from a mutual desire to design and build web applications that provide the best user experience possible.

The name AirCodeDesign is the fruit of a fairly simple concept: lighten the code, have the design fly with the programming. We work toward optimizing internet websites and applications so that users can have the best possible experience.

Our team:

In June 2012, Philippe relocated to Vancouver, BC and both business partners continue to build the AirCodeDesign services, offered across the country.

Since our inception the projects we participate in have been becoming more elaborate, as our knowledge and expertise grows.


Our Work

Most of out projects are elaborate and complex internal web applications that do not have a public access and cannot be displayed in our portfolio. They are build as efficient productivity tools for corporations and are used by employees.

Some examples of web applications we have built from the ground up as custom solutions:

  • • School class management system
  • • Flights, pilots, clients and passengers management system
  • • Productivity stack for printing industries
  • • Inventory tracking application
  • • Sales and prospects management system

Contact us

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We would like to hear from you! Need a quote for a project, consultancy regarding web possibilities, let us know. Share some ideas? You are more than welcome to! Please fill in the form below to get in touch with us.